Dragon Revolt-fantasy mobile game

Published by Snail Games,Dragon Revolt is a mobile gameplay  with a variety of classic and unique features,including skills runes,the talent system,epic dungeon explorations and thrilling boss battles.In this high fantasy universe,players may choose four out of six skills and one rune out of two from their personal skill set.Players can choose one from two factions-Lothelan Empire or Asta Blood Alliance employing three holy trinity class system:Warrior,Mage and Clerics from three type of race:Elf,Human and Halfling-(Lothelan Empire)<>Undead,Barbarian and Draken-(Ashitar Alliance),each fighting a necessary role in this fantastic world.
Dragon Revolt-factions
Each class have six skills to learn,but only four can be brought into battle ,so you have to take care what you choose.This high skill system allow players to customize their skill sets,adding another dimension of strategy to Dragon Revolt battles and with the talent system players can shape their characters into truly unique fighters.Bellow is one video where you can see how is in the game(Android gameplay).
The game is centered on the brutal war between Lothelan Empire-Asta Blood Alliance.This factions have different tasks,objectives and battle style.Each day you can play in different events like:Supplies Transport,Warrior Trial,Trials quest where you can be rewarded with(silver,points of honor,equipment and experience).
Gellanpor World map

Neutral-The Gezaier Island map

 Assemble your party and traverse different dungeons to defeat the dragons,build your legend in 4x4 arena PvP an 12x12 battlefields  and enjoy this classic massively multiplayer battles.

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