Sword of Shadows-martial arts mmorpg for mobile devices

Set in the Age of Wushu universe,Sword of Shadows is a martial arts mmorpg for mobile device.Powered by the second generation of Flexi Engine,Sword of Shadows is the latest title in the epic Age of Wushu franchise from Snail Games.
With revolutionary flying skill and sky battles,this game takes players on an authentic journey to an ancient martial arts kingdom as they become legendary warriors.
Sword of Shadows

Watch the videos below to make a point about this mmo-game.
*Wudang character(walktrough) 
**Lingxiao character(walktrough)
***Ming character(walktrough)

Set for Android and IOS devices,this mmorpg is quite exciting where,players can choose one of the five school and learn, a wide range of abilities from an assortment of martial arts school.

Check official site to learn more about Sword of Shadows:http://sword.snail.com/en/